Contract Specification


Trading Hours 24x7x365
Settlement Method Financial
Settlement Procedure P&L Equivalent BTC credited/debited to account
Position Limits None at present. May be instituted as needed
Price Limit or circuit None at present. May be instituted as needed


Contract Unit BTC/USD
Listed Contracts Weekly, Fortnightly
Minimum price fluctuation 0.1 USD
Quote currency USD
Type Inverse
Fees 0% Maker, 0.05% Taker
Expiry Time Friday 17:15 UTC
Settlement Price at Expiry 10 min TWAP of Coinpit Index of BTC/USD
Margin & PNL currency BTC
Value of 1 contract 100 USD
P&L of 1 contract 100 × (1/BuyPrice - 1/SellPrice) BTC
Max Initial Leverage 100x
Spot Anchor Price Spot anchor price is median of OKCoin, BitFinex, Gemini, GDAX and Bitstamp BTC/USD real-time spot price
Trading Bands Trading enabled within ±1% of spot anchor price