Coinpit Features


Zero Knowledge Authentication Authenticate using your bitcoin private key. Every non-public message sent over the wire is authenticated. No passwords, session cookies or any other secrets. Eliminates several classes of vulnerabilities.
Multi-signature Wallet 2-of-2 wallet ensures funds cannot be moved without your signature.
Recovery transaction Enables account recovery even if the exchange disappears
Segregated margin account Provides realtime proof-of-reserves
Hardware wallet support (Coming soon) Authenticate and trade from hardware wallet


Crypto-signatures (Coming soon) All user actions will have signature from user key
Fraud-proof (Coming soon) Data flow from user action to P&L to settlement verifiable using cryptographic proofs
Proof-of-compliance Settlements on blockchain with final hash of fraud-proofs in OP_RETURN


Chart Trading Place orders with Alt+Click or Control+Click, Click to pick up an order and click again to drop. Click the X to cancel.
Atomic Stops Ensures trader will exit with pre-determined max risk
Precise Risk Measurement Stops are mandatory and atomic allowing very high leverage
Anti-Manipulation Bands Orders are not executed and stops are not triggered except within a band around index price
Robust median Index Ameliorates trading uncertainty due to exchange downtime and failures


Decentralized Identity 100% Identity theft proof. No username, password, photo-id, address-proof or even email required
AML without KYC Our system prevents AML by disrupting layering instead of relying on expensive and intrusive KYC